Renthal Fatbar Lite


The Renthal Fatbar Lite is the ultimate lightweight, trail-proof handlebar. 
This handlebar ticks all the boxes with an ample width, an optimized lightweight taper tube construction and four rise options.
The Renthal Fatbar Lite is the handlebar of choice for any rider searching for the ultimate in control and durability and the minimum weight.

Renthal Fatbar Lite handlebars are designed to ride faster, jump further and last longer.

High strength 7 series Aluminium Alloy
Optimized lightweight tapered tube.
Shot peened for increased fatigue life.
Corrosion and abrasion resistant hard anodised finish.
Laser etched positioning grid for easy set up.
Width marks allow personalised fit adjustment.
Permanent graphics.
31.8mm clamping diameter.
Back Sweep 7 degrees
Up Sweep 5 degrees.
Width 740mm
Rises: 10mm, 20mm, 30mm or 38mm.
10mm 269g, 20mm 269g, 30mm 271g, 38mm 272g.